April 13th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Oh no it’s Friday the 13th! Are any of you superstitious?  Just make sure you don’t walk under any ladders, and hopefully you will be okay.  Us? We don’t believe in any of that stuff so we are getting on with the usual print and design work!

Aside from all the delicious chocolate Easter eggs we have been eating, we have bid a fond farewell to the PEP Mad Hatter who caused us to go mad in March with lots of competitions and offers!  His mission while he was hiding in and around our website was to find out how to make the perfect brew for his Mad Hatter Tea Party! Finally he has the results!

1. In what order must the ingredients be added?

The most popular way by far is tea bag, water, milk at 76% followed equally (all at 8%) by:

tea bag, milk, water
milk, tea bag, water
water, tea bag, milk

2. Will a tea bag do or must it be tea leaves?

100% of those who completed the survey use tea bags.  Tea leaves are best left to granny!

3. If it’s a tea bag, are you a dunker or a squeezer?

Again a clean sweep or should that be squeeze?  100% squeeze the flavour out.

4. With or without sugar, or are you sweet enough as it is?

70% of our customers are sweet enough already, but we already knew that!  Then it is a straight split between 1 sugar or 2 at 15% each.

5. If sweetener is needed, is this added at the beginning or the end of the ritual?

Everyone adds it at the end, no contest.

6. How do you take it?  In a mug or perhaps only a cup and saucer will do?

Mug was the clear winner with 100% of the vote.  Leave the cup and saucers to the oldies along with the leaves!

7. Does it have to be with a biscuit?

Possibly the most controversial question of the lot.  Almost a fifty fifty split but the yummy biscuits just edged it coming in at 54% of the vote.

8. If you do prefer a biscuit, dunk or not to dunk that is the question?

Pretty clear here with 70% saying it has got to be dunked!

Thank you all who took part in the survey and if you are interested in perfecting your skills click on the link below to see what he came across on the The Telegraph website:


Some might think these scientists have to much time on their hands but the Mad Hatter thinks it is time very well spent!

Although we say goodbye to the Mad Hatter, we say hello to a brand new offer for April – 50 free posters for every online order of flyers or leaflets. That’s right! Just enter ‘POST12’ at the checkout when you place your order online and we will give you 50 free A3 posters! So, as well as handing out flyers to your potential customers, you will have 50 large posters to put into shop windows or to pin up on notice boards. The perfect marketing solution! Click here to place your order today!

Of course with spring comes wedding fever, and our latest order was for a wonderful bespoke design for Beth and Paul from Portsmouth. They are getting married in Spain so wanted a Spanish theme as well as illustrations of themselves. We have just finished and we couldn’t love them more…..thankfully Beth and Paul love them too!

Our April newsletter is out now  giving a rundown of our latest offers and stationery prices. If you want to be on our mailing list, email Mark – mark@pep4print.co.uk.

Before I go, I thought I should tell you about our mystery fan from one of our suppliers – we keep getting these boxes with smiley faces. Just goes to show that we really are ‘the most loved’!

PEP the Printers - the most loved printers!

Until next time…


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