July 12th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It has been busy busy in the PEP shop the last couple of weeks, due to staff being off and a huge stack of orders. But, we are not complaining – we love to be busy, it just means my little blog gets put to the bottom of the queue…

However, while I have five minutes spare, here is a quick catch up on the last fortnight at PEP Towers.

First things first, the winner of the Wimbledon hamper has been announced. Congratulations Fiona!


So we now have a new hamper to win! This month, it is the ‘Barbeque Hamper’ full of local produce and even some bbq tongs! Now summer is in full swing, we are positive everyone will want to win it! (Don’t worry, if you are Vegetarian or Vegan, we will swap the meat for some lovely Quorn sausages!)


How do we win it, I hear you cry!!? Well, look inside your thank you pack (that you will get when you place an order) and inside you will find a testimonial card just fill it in and send it off and you will be entered into the draw! If you prefer, you can  write your testimonial here. 

Speaking of our thank you packs, there is a new one out! Guess who is on the front of this month’s card…little old me! Remember to keep hold of the other cards from the last few months…as a magnificent prize will be up for grabs if you have cards of all of the PEP Magnificent 7!


Other BIG news at the PEP shop this week is our new work tops have arrived! Doesn’t Mark look smart!


Mark was brave and opted for the bright coloured tops…keep your shades on when he is wearing the pink one! He will not go unnoticed, that’s for sure!! If you need work tops embroidered, you know who to call…PEP!

I managed to grab this little pic of Mark this morning while he was helping in the shop as we complete all the orders for delivery today . We also have Charlie (usually our Saturday boy) joining us for the summer AND this week we have also had Sam, from a local school doing his work experience week with us. Here is just some of the work he has designed with us over the week – flyers, mouse mats, business cards


… and this afternoon he is going to be making a t-shirt for himself! We hope you enjoyed yourself Sam! Thanks for your hard work and do pop in to see us whenever you want!

Thanks again to all our new Twitter followers and Facebook likes this week – we hope you will enjoy our daily chat and our PEP ‘Fact @4’…just like this one from yesterday…

Fact of the day! The width of your arms stretched out is about the same length of your whole body. Tell me something I didn’t know!

Print, design, copy and now facts – aren’t we brilliant!

See you next Friday! Call us on 01903 641714 to speak to one of the team if you need anything in the meantime.


June 28th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Sorry for my lack of blog last week but Terry was off on his holidays so as you can imagine, it was pretty hectic in the shop.

So, what’s been happening the past couple of weeks I hear you ask. Well, firstly it was my birthday…which means another year older but also means…cakes!

Birthday cakes

Unfortunately there was no rest for the birthday girl as orders have been coming in thick and fast! Luckily we now have our Saturday boy, Charlie, to help us out during the week over the busy Summer period.*

So, the orders we have been processing have been the usual stationery, banners and flyers, but guess what? We even had an order for 2014 calendars! Talk about being organised!


This ‘most loved’ customer has calendars printed every year using picturesque photos that they just send us and we put the whole thing together. With prices starting from only £11.99 and many style varieties to choose from, it’s never to early to get prepared for next year! Don’t worry, I am not going to start talking about Christmas cards…yet!

For placing the order for the calendars, the above customer will receive one of our thank-you packs.


Make sure you open it when you receive your order because as well as a little sweet treat


…there is also a testimonial card and if you fill it in and send it back (for free) you will be entered into our monthly prize draw.  This month it is the ‘Wimbledon’ hamper filled with Pimms, scones, clotted cream and strawberries. 


If you prefer, you can  write your testimonial here. Either way, you will be entered into the draw!

By the way, a big shout out to all our new Twitter followers and Facebook likes this week – we hope you will enjoy our daily chat and our PEP ‘Fact @4’…just like this one from yesterday…

PEP’s Fact of the day! Did you know the word ‘almost’ is the longest word in the English dictionary spelt alphabetically

Print, design, copy and now facts – aren’t we brilliant!

See you next Friday! Call us on 01903 641714 to speak to one of the team if you need anything in the meantime.


*Pop the kettle on Charlie! ;-)

June 14th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

So, with all the talk about our hamper winner last week, I completely forgot to tell you about our June newsletter.

PEP's June Newsletter

This month we are shouting about our appointment cards which are perfect for anyone who runs a business with appointments. Our cards are printed full colour and scored in one position for easy folding. Give these to your clients to help them remember when their appointment is. Buy online now!

By the way, have you remembered that it’s Father’s Day this Sunday? One customer who hasn’t forgotten has just had this personalised mug made!

Buy mugs at PEP!

Jealous? Get one for only £9.99+vat. But be quick as time is running out! Give us a call on 01903 641714 and Team PEP will do our very best to help you out!

So before we are inundated with mug orders, I will fill you in on some of the projects we have been working on this week. The press has been all about stationery and flyers! Although these printed items are a daily occurrence at PEP, one of the stationery orders has been one of our design re-brands too! It’s always exciting watching a project go from concept right through to printed letterheads and business cards.

Stationery & Logo Design

Next stop is their website…update coming soon!

All the orders including the one above will receive one of our new thank-you packs. Inside there is a chance to win this ‘Wimbledon’ hamper filled with Pimms, scones, clotted cream and strawberries. Just write a testimonial and you could win!


By the way, our PEP ‘Fact of the Day’ is proving to be a success! If you don’t know what I am talking about, make sure you like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and you will learn something new every day…here is yesterdays Fact of the day:

PEP’s Fact of the day! Did you know the word Sussex came from the Old English Word: Supseaxe which means South Saxons? NO! Well as they say you learn something new everyday. Especially when you follow the PEP Fact of the day!

See you next Friday! Call us on 01903 641714 to speak to one of the team if you need anything in the meantime.


April 19th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

So did you go and cheer on the runners in the Brighton Marathon last Sunday? NRG Sussex was one of our customers who ran it. We printed his vest top last week. We asked Mark from the company how it went:

“It was a great day thanks, my time was 3:56 and Scarlett’s was 4 hours exactly! All down to the great crowd support


Brilliant running times! Well done! I would love to have a go…but not sure my body is up to it!

But, I am up to designing lots of creative work for our customers, just like this beautiful bespoke wedding invitation I have just completed.


Combining the Brides Indian heritage with the Scottish background of the Groom, it was a wonderful brief to work on. Next will be the table name cards for their big day! Here at PEP we have two options for wedding stationery – both high quality, the only difference being the design. Option one is choosing from one of our catalogue designs or option two is where our design team will create a bespoke design from your brief. If you want one of our designers to create something from scratch, all you need to do is call Kelly on 01903 641714 to discuss your needs. Whichever option you choose, we will do our best to make sure it is as stress-free as possible so you can concentrate on getting ready for the big day!

Hopefully Cheryl and Andrew have got their above invite in the post to all their guests so they can now focus on the rest of the wedding planning. I also hope they have filled in one of testimonial cards which they should have received in the thank-you pack enclosed with their order. I should point out that you can also write a testimonial here if you prefer. We don’t mind how or when you do it, just so long as you write something nice! And, don’t forget, the best one this month will be in with a chance to win this ‘take a break’ hamper!

Prize Draw

One team that cannot ‘take a break’ is Team PEP as once again, the press and the shop have been super busy! We have had the usual mixed bag of print and design orders but this week has mainly been about banners, just like this outdoor PVC banner that we have just finished for one of our ‘most loved’ customers.


With our state of the art wide format printer, we can produce fantastic full colour pvc banners. Perfect for your next promotion, for an outdoor exhibition or event or just for someones birthday. Complete with lamination (if outdoor) and eyelets ready for you to hang. What more could you want? A great price? Ok! Prices start from only £35 for an indoor banner 6ft x 2ft! Give the team a call on  01903 641714 to discuss further.

Another type of banner that I have been working on is for the new web banners for another ‘most loved’ customer – Mollycoddle Childrenswear. The spring/summer range is now ready to view and buy with new products just added. Although I may be biased as they are one of our customers, I have to say their clothes are beautiful. So, if you need a gift for a friends baby shower or just for your own little ones, check their website out. You won’t be disappointed!  While I am on the subject of websites, don’t forget that PEP can provide full e-commerce websites just like Mollycoddles – give us a call on 01903 641714!

Mollycoddle childrenswear

Anyway, I had better be off as I have to finish the gallery page for Mollycoddle. No rest for the wicked!

See you next Friday! Remember to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date on what’s happening at PEP Towers!


April 12th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

How are you all on this Friday afternoon? Hope you are all well and ready for the weekend? I am off to watch (not run) the Brighton Marathon which is this Sunday. Are any of you lot taking part? A good thing for runners to do is to have their name printed on their top so everyone can cheer you on personally, just like these two customers have done…good luck Michelle and Mark!


I am having to write my little blog a bit later than normal today as I have been at a Google seminar all morning learning more about online marketing. It will be a really big help when I design new websites and when I work on updating and enhancing existing websites. Design is all well and good, but what’s the point if the site doesn’t get seen! 

Speaking of websites…just finished a holding page for a new customer. More pages are to be added, but at least the online presence is there for now with a simple slideshow portfolio…more to follow…watch this space!


This customer will of course now get one of our new thank you packs as does every order with us!

Thank you for your order!

We keep getting very nice comments about them (though some seem to be more about the sweet treat)!


Why are we giving away the thank you packs I hear you ask! Well, since our wonderful customers have voted us ‘the most loved printers in Sussex’ for the third year running, we wanted to give a little love back! By the way, here is Mark collecting our awards this week.

Most loved printers in Sussex

While on the subject of the thank you packs, inside you will find one of these testimonial cards


If you fill it in and post it (or drop back into the shop) you will be entered into one of our monthly prize draws. This month you could win this ‘take a break’ hamper!*

Prize Draw

On that note, I am off to take a break – wonder if anyone in the office will take the hint


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*as long as I don’t get near it first!

April 5th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

So how was your Easter bank holiday weekend? Did you miss your favourite blog? Or, were you too busy eating your chocolate eggs…or a chocolate bunny in the case of my Easter gift from Ollie.


So, can you remember where we left off? Well, I was complaining that some of Team PEP had been away/was going away on their hols so we were busy busy busy in the shop. Now it’s a week later and everyone is back – Andi is back from Devon and Terry is back from Paris. So, the big question is, did Terry make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower.


I am happy to report that the answer is yes! It sounds like it was very scary but our Terry didn’t let that stop him! Good on yer Tez!

So the whole of Team PEP are back working hard on all the orders you lovely lot keep giving us! But, not ones to just take and not give back, here’s what you will now be getting with every order.


Yes, our new thank-you packs are ready and waiting to go out with every order placed. Each month, you will get to know each member of Team PEP. This month, it’s Andi’s turn! 


You will also have the opportunity to win some prizes! But, if you want to get your hands on one, you have to place an order!

Speaking of orders, what’s been happening at PEP Towers this week I hear you ask? Well, as usual a mixed bag of orders has come our way, including these lovely docufolders:


Our docufolders are great as they are digitally printed which means you can have as few as 10! Each come with an inside pocket which has slits to hold your business card. The perfect presentation folder! Interested? Call us on 01903 641714 to speak to one of the team.


This week we have also been busy printing legal corners – one order was even for a business in Australia – quite a bit away from our little shop in Worthing! Because of this sudden surge of interest in our legal corners, PEP have just launched new prices and new packages. So, if you are a solicitor or accountant, check out our two new ranges – Value and Classic – the same high quality for both but printed on different card.


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March 22nd – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

This week has been busy, busy, busy! While the rest of us are getting on with the stacks or orders, Andi is off enjoying himself in Devon and boy do we miss him! Although Andi should be on his way back as I type, we cannot relax as another team member, Terry, is jetting off to Paris. Ooo la la! He keeps telling me that he is scared of heights so I will fill you all in next week if he actually manages to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower…

Our coffee/cake morning last Friday in aid of Comic Relief was a success! Everyone seemed to enjoy our special cupcakes…I managed to get one too (after I donated of course!) and I can report that they were delicious!


While I am on the subject of Comic Relief, I should remind everyone that there is only one week left on our special Comic Relief business card offer –  up until the 31st March,  PEP will donate £1 from every business card order to Comic Relief. So, last chance to give some dosh while getting some rather fab printed business cards! We have three different ranges, so there will definitely be one that suits your budget!

Speaking of cards…but of a different kind, we are launching a brand new ‘thank-you’ pack from 1st April. Every order will get one – basically we want to make sure our lovely customers know how much we love them! In the pack, you will get to know all about the PEP team, have the opportunity to win some prizes and we may even throw in a little sweet treat for you! But, to get one, you have to place an order!

Thank you card from PEP

Although our digital printers and litho presses have been churning out the usual batch of printed goodies for our customers, we have also managed to print some new PEP promo stuff this week…like these lovely stickers: 


We didn’t stop at one set of stickers though…we designed another one just to say thank you for loving us for the third year running. (By the way, if you don’t know why we have been voted the “most loved printers in Sussex”, take a look here.)


Anyway, I had better be off to help Ollie in the shop!

Remember to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date on what’s happening at PEP Towers! If this reminder isn’t enough, maybe one of our new ‘like us/follow us’ cards will help!

Like us on Facebook

Next Friday is bank holiday so I will be having a week off from my blog and enjoying lots of chocolate eggs instead. See you on the 5th April!


March 15th – TPIF – Thank PEP it’s Friday!

Thank PEP it’s Friday!

No birthday celebrations this week at PEP, just snow chaos for some of the PEP team. Yes, the snow on Monday night brought the PEP commuters to a bit of a halt on their journey home. My usual half hour trip took 3 and a half hours! I was skidding all over the place, needed a kind lady to push me up a hill and then I was diverted from one road to another. At one point, I really thought I was going to have to kip at Ollie’s place…

But, enough of the moaning…as it’s time for my Comic Relief Blog Special!

Is everyone getting into the spirit of Comic Relief? The team at the Worthing shop certainly are! 

Ready for Comic Relief!

We have been making coffee and handing out cakes to our lovely customers in the shop all morning to raise money for Comic Relief. Here are some before shots…

Printed mugs at PEP the Printers

Do you like our new mugs fresh off our mug press? We just had to celebrate being your “most loved” printers for the third year in a row!

Buy printed mugs at PEP the Printers

Here are some of the lovely ‘Comic Relief’ cup cakes Andi baked last night. Hopefully I have some spare change so I can buy one to go with my cuppa!


During and after shots coming in next week’s blog!

As well as our Comic Relief coffee morning, throughout March, PEP will be donating £1 from every business card order to Comic Relief. 

Even though Comic Relief is today, all business card orders until the end of March will help in raising money for the great charity. We will let you know our total amount raised at the end of the month. If you would like to donate to Comic Relief, click here. Enjoy the Red Nose Day live on BBC1 from 7pm tonight where you will be able to see what all the donations do.

Remember to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date on what’s happening at PEP Towers! 

Until next Friday!